**This is an Ongoing List and Will Be Updated Monthly**

Grounding for Balance

In electricity, grounding is the process of a charge returning to the ground to achieve neutrality. In other words, it is the idea that power seeks the earth for balance. Humans are complex electrical and chemical systems, and we too seek the ground for balance. 

This month we invite you to implement a grounding practice in your life. Grounding practices are diverse and meant to help bring you back to the present moment especially during moments of anxiety. The goal is to connect you to the larger world around you to cultivate steadiness and composure. You can find a list of grounding practices here. One of our favorites is to feel your feet connecting with the earth – even better if you can get your toes into the dirt or grass. 

Grounding allows you to be a conduit, to allow the energies and emotions you experience throughout your day to flow through you instead of becoming absorbed by you. You are of this earth; let the ground you live upon be a resource that can both bring you out of yourself and also back to yourself. 

For more discussion and resources, you can read this article on Chopra.com.

Square Breathing

One of the best ways to help balance your nervous system and manage stress and anxiety is to connect with your breath. A simple technique to get you started is square/box breathing. To do this practice all you need is yourself and a couple moments to focus on breathing. Here’s how it works:

Start to notice how you are breathing. Slowly exhale what you have been holding. When you are ready, start inhaling through your nose and count to four. At the top of your breath, hold you inhale for another four count then slowly exhale out your mouth and count to four. At the bottom of your exhale, hold again for another four count. Repeat this cycle for as long as you need to help you calm down and ground. It helps to feel your feet on the floor. You are also invited to add variation to breathing in/out of your nose and your mouth. Try breathing in your mouth and out your nose, or in and out of your nose.

Here’s a link to five minutes of guided square breathing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJJazKtH_9I