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Integrative Health Services

At Frontier NeuroHealth, we believe both chronic and acute illnesses can be treated through an integrative approach to healthcare. Our team of professionals has experience evaluating sleep habits, implementing nutritional programs, providing behavioral health coaching, and monitoring lifestyle modifications. 

Professionals Who Care

Each of our services is grounded in whole-body healthcare, ensuring our patients lead a well-rounded life.

Neurology & Disease Management

Neurology is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system, which includes the brain, the spinal cord, and the nerves.

Our professionals are highly qualified and use education, experience, and technology to provide total patient care. This includes care for both chronic and acute illnesses. Our disease management team is dedicated to operating and maintaining a friendly, convenient, and comfortable environment for our patients.

  • Electromyogram, including nerve conduction study (EMG/NCS)
  • Polysomnography (sleep studies)
  • Cerebral spinal fluid analysis (lumbar puncture, or spinal tap)
  • Botox Therapy
  • Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS) Management
  • Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS) Management
  • Seizure disorders
  • Stroke
  • Neuromuscular Disorders
  • Infections of the Nervous System
  • Neurodegenerative Disorders
  • Headaches/Migraine
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Sleep Medicine

Not sleeping well? We can help.

Sleep is a crucial aspect of our health and impacts every aspect of our physiology. That’s why our professionals approach sleep medicine with the most innovative and comprehensive strategies. We offer comprehensive sleep studies to evaluate all of your sleep needs.

In our overnight sleep lab, we will test for:

• Sleep Apnea
• Narcolepsy
• Restless Legs Syndrome
• Insomnia
• REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

We also offer Home Sleep Studies & Overnight Pulse Oximetry

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Cognitive Testing

Computerized Cognitive Testing

Cambridge Brain Sciences is an evidence based online testing service used to quantify cognition and inform wellness plans. CCT can track cognitive trends including short term memory, reasoning, attention, and verbal ability. Additionally, Cognitive Testing is useful in validating symptoms, medication management, and long term monitoring.

Learn more here.


 Neurozone® has identified a set of four core competencies and associated behaviors that lay the foundations for an optimized brain/body system and a platform for wellness.  

The FourCore Individualized Report recommends adaptations and behaviors that are proven to be effective in enhancing the functioning of the brain/body system. It is a rigorously tested and validated self-assessment that gives individuals an unprecedented personalized profile of the areas of opportunity to optimize the brain/body system for wellness, high performance and thriving. This assessment can be offered for individuals or to groups seeking to improve performance and outcomes.

Learn more here.


DriveABLE is an unbiased and objective assessment that fairly and accurately determines when driving has declined to an unsafe level due to a medical condition or medication. Drivers who lack insight into their driving difficulties can strongly resist attempts to have them stop driving. The best way to know if someone is safe to drive is to have a fair and accurate driving assessment.

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Principal Care Management (PCM)

Principal Care Management (PCM) is for patients with a chronic illness looking for focused and coordinated care. The goal of PCM is to stabilize your chronic condition, saving healthcare costs and supporting your wellbeing.

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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Remote Patient Monitoring collects health data and allows our providers to consult on data collected outside of the office.

Connect America

Connect America’s RPM system allows patients to measure their vitals daily and send weekly reports to be reviewed by their provider without visiting the office.

With this system, we can track:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Weight
  • Temperature
  • Blood Sugar
  • Blood Oxygen

Learn more here.

PKG Watch

The PKG Watch is a wearable device used for data collection in patients with Parkinson’s, measuring movement and treatment efficacy.

Learn more here.

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Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the foundational drivers of Neurohealth. Clinical Nutrition is the study of the necessary nutrients your body needs for optimal health and wellbeing. Consult with us for a personalized understanding of your diet and develop a tailored nutrition plan to help you meet your health goals.

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Molecular Profiling

Molecular profiling helps us understand your genetic background and how your internal physiology impacts your ability to interact with your environment. This interaction is a critical element in Personalized Precision NeuroHealth.

Whether you’re addressing a health condition or feeling fatigued, find out precisely what your body needs for optimal health.

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Outpatient Infusion Services

Many of our patients require infusions to assist with disease management. Frontier NeuroHealth has ample room for infusion treatments, offering beautiful spaces to take in the greater Northwest Wyoming vistas as you receive treatment at our facility.

Some of the many infusions we offer:

  • Soliris
  • Tysbari
  • IVIg (IV immunoglobulin)
  • Radicava
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Spiral Health 3D Body Scan

3D body scanning is a powerful visualization tool. Spiral takes hundreds of body measurements and provides data on your body shape, body fat, lean mass, and posture among other metrics in a three dimensional visualization. This knowledge provides specific insight into your body and gives you personalized feedback. Is your new diet having an impact? Are you gaining muscle and loosing fat with your exercise routine? Is your posture improving? Longitudinal Spiral data can help you answer these questions.

Learn more about Spiral here.


Zyliant™ is a neurohealth screening tool for adults of any age who are interested in resilient aging. Zyliant™ allows many participants to be quickly screened for possible cognitive impairment using a unique combination of 1) questionnaires, 2) visual assessments using a mouse and keyboard, 3) vocal biometrics captured in recorded speech, and 4) a short movement test.

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Get a sleep lab assessment.

Sleep is a crucial aspect of our everyday lives. When our sleep rhythms are out of whack, life can seem like it’s a bit off.

Cognitive Health Assessments are now available.

We will look at a number of biological and genetic factors to determine a plan that is right for you.

Try the new Zeno Walkway and functional gait assessment.

Our Zeno Walkway provides the data for fall risks, disease progression, balance, and state of mobility.

Get a private DriveABLE assessment.

The DriveABLE assessment measures the cognitive skills needed for driving, and can predict actual on-road performance safely and privately.

If you're asking these questions, we can help. Schedule an assessment today.

NeuroHealth: A Continuum of Benefits

From disease management, to wellness, to optimal brain and body performance, Frontier provides NeuroHealth across a wide spectrum. As a neurology practice, the integration of NeuroHealth and other neurological services helps us achieve success for our patients.

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