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Left to Right: Dr. Allen Gee, Christy Turlington Burns, Jonathan Bush, Leslie Brunner (Photo Credit: Darlene DeVita)

Speaking Engagements & Lectures

Allen L. Gee, MD, PhD, FAAN is a recognized expert in Neurology and NeuroHealth as well as health technology innovation.

Dr. Gee’s presentations encompass the neurology and physiology of health and wellness and how this NeuroHealth is relevant for everyone interested in well-being, resilience and performance.  

Dr. Gee also speaks to the digital transformation of healthcare.  Delivery of healthcare has transformed and there will be no going back to the status quo.  The transformation is more than telemedicine. It is leveraging technologies, resources and expertise to deliver the right care, at the right time and place for people.  It will matter much less where the people and the expertise are located.  

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Our Team Values

Why We Value NeuroHealth

NeuroHealth is holistic and neurological wellbeing. It is general health, happiness, relations and performances. Its absence is mental and physical dysregulation and disease.

The body is wise. The body’s internal environment is created to support the workings of DNA cells and systems to support life. This internal balance is aggressively monitored and maintained by the mind and body working together.

We believe quality sleep, nutrition, movement and mindfulness are core elements. When we get people sleeping, moving (gently), eating well and understanding and addressing mindfulness, diseases are more easily treated or delayed.

NeuroHealth is our focus to assist the mind and body on this endeavor. At Frontier we are encouraging people to utilize the NeuroHealth services for their overall wellbeing and not just for disease.

Dr. Gee is very professional and works with you and your family to achieve a common goal. He is friendly and caring. Would recommend.

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