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What makes you happy?

What captures your attention, your focus, your imagination? When we are engaged in what we enjoy our nervous system, our brain and our bodies are relaxed and thriving.

Conversely, when we are aroused, vigilant, angered, distracted, “stressed” our brain and body prepare to “fight or flight”. All energy is directed for this eventuality and little goes to digest and restore the body. We are dysregulated.

Imagine if you are constantly in this state of dysregulation, constantly in the “fight, flight, freeze” mode. Your body and its workings struggle to maintain the internal balance. Your blood pressure runs high as does your blood sugars. Your immune system is less functional, you don’t digest food as well, you have more headaches and pain.

Improved NeuroHealth benefits everyone, everyday.

Finding happiness, health, and optimal performance

NeuroHealth focuses on regulating the nervous system by retraining your brain and body; resulting in happiness, health and optimal performance.

NeuroHealth improves disease management. Addressing the foundations of NeuroHealth has the potential to improve physical disease markers, such as lowering blood pressure, regulating blood sugar, decreasing headaches and pain, as well as improving energy, concentration, and attention.

Improved NeuroHealth benefits everyone, everyday.

When your NeuroHealth is optimized, you have more energy to maintain healthy habits: “an object in motion stays in motion”. When your body is balanced, your daily performance is optimized, whether that is personal, professional, or athletic.

Sleep, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness

Foundations of NeuroHealth

The foundations of NeuroHealth include sleep, nutrition, exercise and mindfulness.


Mindfulness is more than silencing the brain, it also includes social safety, collective creativity and goal directedness. Integrative Behavioral Health coaching helps you learn and live new healthier habits.


Sleep needs to be high quality and of adequate duration to rejuvenate the body. We treat all aspects of sleep medicine. Poor sleep is associated with dementia, metabolic syndromes, cardiovascular disease, and more.


Nutrition is about what you eat and how your body (and gut microbiome) interacts with it.

“I find when I’m stressed, I crave sugars and simple carbohydrates. They taste good. They also go straight to my waist. And the elevated sugars increase inflammation, cancers and dementia.” – Dr. Allen Gee


Exercise burns calories and improves physiology and flexibility. It also has positive effects on the body – specifically the neurological system, the endocrine system, the cardio-pulmonary system, and the gastrointestinal system. The benefits of exercise all emphasize the importance of overall NeuroHealth.

Whole person. Whole care.

The Healing Space

At “The Healing Space” we treat the whole person. Our medical providers treat Neurological diseases and address basic health needs.

“I’m afraid I am getting Alzheimer’s disease” is a complaint often heard at the clinic. “I can’t remember names or why I went into the other room”.

Treating sleep, exercise. and the mind improves these complaints and by improving the NeuroHealth, the risks of actually getting Alzheimer’s is less.

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