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What is Personalized Precision NeuroHealth?

Dr. Allen Gee started Frontier NeuroHealth to help people thrive by treating patients’ neurological disorders and help optimize their brain and cognitive functions. As part of a natural approach to healthcare, professionals at Frontier NeuroHealth manage both chronic and acute issues in an integrative manner. This includes evaluating sleep, movement, nutrition, and mindfulness as it pertains to whole-body health. Our specialties also include exercise and sleep medicine.

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Through our Personalized Precision NeuroHealth model, we will look at the following factors to determine a plan that is right for you:

• Precision Performance NeuroHealth
• Biological and Genetic pre-determinants for disease and health
• Cognitive Function
• Gait and Balance Function
• Sleep Assessments and Optimization
• Nutrition Consulting and Planning

Finally, a specialist who looks at the patient rather than their records on his computer for his diagnosis.

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