Cody Staff:

Heather Skinner

Heather has been with Frontier Neuro for three years in Reception where she has enjoyed meeting a lot of people & learning how to help them along their paths.  You can find here at the Healing Space in Cody. She has been in Wyoming long enough to have seen some beautiful country & some wild storms.  

Heather has two grown children in the area, one’s computer savvy & the other is an amateur athlete.  

She enjoys shooting pool, bowling & creating Diamond paintings. She lives in town & has a circle of friends that keep her laughing & very busy!  

Heather’s Favorite Wellness Tip:

Always take some time for yourself! You can’t take care of other people if you don’t take care of yourself.

Julie Woods

Traveling & living around the country teaches you a lot about people & places. Julie learned how to handle herself & to help others after years of life experience. She loves her travels & all the great personalities & the beautiful scenery she has been lucky to be a part of.

Now that she’s been in our gorgeous Wyoming for many years, she settled in Powell, started a business, learned how to irrigate her land Wyoming-style, & have grown some trees, herbs & fruit shrubs. Her loves in life are plants & animals.

Julie has a weekend fire to relax & soak up the view from her patio, often have friends over for her herbal tea concoctions & a chat, all the while thoroughly enjoy her home & life in this part of the country.

She is excited & very interested to learn a new job & meet the people in this practice in particular. She hopes to meet some of you in person soon! You can find her at the Healing Space in Cody.