Alannah Gee

Alannah grew up in Cody Wyoming, watching Frontier become what it is today, even down to being at the groundbreaking for The Healing Space. She graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2022 with a B.S. in Environmental System Sciences and Environment and Natural Resources and a B.A. in International Studies with minors in Photography and Honors. 

Alannah works remotely for Frontier NeuroHealth and is the new creative voice behind our Newsletter, Wellness Articles, and Social Media Feeds, building on the amazing work of her sister Regina Gee. 

She has written guest articles on the Frontier blog about her healing process and personal realizations and is excited to share more content and articles on topics ranging from deep explorations into creativity, wellness tips from the environment, neuroeducation on various topics, nutrition tips and favorite recipes, and more!

Her passions lie in the connections and intersections between fields and exploring life creatively. Currently on a massive personal development journey, she is constantly searching for new learning, especially related to wellness and expanded identity. She also has strong passions for mental health, food systems, culinary arts, and environmental conservation and recreation. She is currently on a gap year before returning to school to pursue an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts while playing volleyball and running track at the associated community college.


Alannah’s Favorite Wellness Tip (today): 

Always honor yourself first. In my personal development journey, I’ve noticed the difficulties inherent in developing new habits and doing hard, emotional work. Through these moments and journeys, I have learned the importance of self-compassion, patience, and tuning into my body. Moreover, I find that the more I listen to my inner guidance and my mental and physical responses to new habits, new places, and new people, the more I find myself living in alignment and practicing wellness.

So, as you expose yourself to new information and habits, always remember to check in if it’s something that would work for you, your body, and your journey. The content I am sharing won’t be applicable for everyone, and that is more than okay! Also let yourself get excited about content that does resonate with you. When I chase new ideas that bring me into alignment, I continue to find more support and ideas on my paths of discovery.