Regina Gee BA, BS

Regina is a Cody, WY native. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2020 where she earned degrees in Anthropology & Neuroscience (with minors in Chemistry and Religious Studies). Her calling is to follow questions of wholeness, specifically in regards to depression and mental illness. Her strength lies in her ability to weave together disciplines, paradigms, and experiences to build bridges in creative and unlikely places. She is currently living in Tucson, AZ with her fiancé learning about local food systems and contentment. You can learn more about her on her website, Regia Alas, or check out this recent interview.

Regina works remotely for Frontier NeuroHealth and is the creative force behind our Newsletter, Wellness Articles, and Social Media Feeds.

Regina’s Favorite Wellness tip:

Make the work your own! All the information and the data we are exposed to means nothing unless we learn how to process, absorb, and live it. A huge piece of my wellness journey has been what I call “integration work.”¬†Integrate comes from the Latin integrare, which means to make whole. The question, and invitation, with integration work is how do you make the work and your life your own? How do you make the books you read, the appointments you have, the classes you take, yours? What do you do to belong to yourself? How do you take the knowledge, insight and information you come across day to day and make it something you can access, remember, and live? How do you take something important and let it sink into your skin to the point where you live from it? How do you live inside your life instead of just architect it?

My integration work is largely related to good old fashioned pen and paper. I annotate the books I read then take notes on what I underlined. I make grids to track my habits, such as walking, meditating, and my nutrient intake. I use the articles I write for Frontier as an opportunity to reflect on the health questions I am living in my own life. How to you build wholeness into your life?