Wanda Webb RN

Wanda Webb is a Wyoming native, raised in Torrington and now residing in Wapiti.  She is a registered nurse with a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration. Wanda considers nursing one of the best careers because of the incredible variety of options & experiences it offers.  She has enjoyed working in hospitals, clinics, schools, public health, and the WY Dept. of Health.  She retired 5 years ago but after 2020’s Covid isolation she was eager to return to part-time work to keep engaged with the medical community.  Wanda is grateful to have been a part of the FNS staff for the past year and has enjoyed her role doing computer cognitive assessments.  Wanda is currently initiating Principal Care Management services which provides care coordination to patients with high-risk diagnoses.

Wanda has a passion for disease prevention, and enjoys volunteer work and serving on boards.  She is a patient-family advisor with Mountain Pacific Quality Health and volunteers at Heart Mountain Free Medical Clinic in Cody.  In her free time Wanda enjoys outdoor activities and travel with her husband (they have visited 112 countries & all 7 continents).

Wanda’s Favorite Wellness Tip:

Keep active!  Move every day, no matter how busy, tired, or stressed you are.  Change how you think about your body.  If exercise is a dirty word or evokes a negative emotion for you, invent a word or description that is positive for you.  View your daily movement as a gift you give yourself.  For example: “I took a happy walk today & was delighted by that unexpected puppy playing in his yard.”  Or “I was so good to myself today – I treated myself to a swim to cool down.” Or “I keep up with the latest trends & do ‘forest bathing’ in the woods.”  The brain will automatically lean into the positive and shun the negative. Self-talk is the most important component of staying active.