Defining Health & Neurohealth

Health can be defined as the absence of disease but Dr. Allen Gee prefers to be more proactive and optimistic. He believes health is the optimal functioning of the body to reach your highest mental and physical performance. He coined the term Neurohealth to talk about the process of creating a healing environment; cultivating homeostasis within the body and its various systems and also tending your external environment to create spaces conducive to healing. He does this in his practice by addressing four foundational drivers of health: sleep, exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness.

Sleep is where our body resets, recharges, and rejuvenates. Dysregulated sleep causes us to suffer in profuse ways. Exercise is important in health because it helps balance the complex processes our bodies are always performing. Specifically, exercise helps make the cardiovascular system more efficient and provides our muscles and organs with the nutrients it needs to keep surviving. Nutrition is a foundational driver for health because what we nourish our body with has profound effects in every aspect of our physiology a deep impact on our wellbeing. In the Neurohealth model, mindfulness is the piece of wellbeing that addresses questions of meaning, purpose, and joy in your life. Mindfulness isn’t just meditating or silencing the brain. It is about engaging the brain in activities that enhance the focus and the relaxation of the nervous system.

Being whole and healthy humans requires addressing the diverse influences our bodies, our environment, and our lives are under. This attention is the goal of Neurohealth.

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