Written By Logan Sherwin, Certified Personal Trainer

Logan Sherwin is passionate about helping people take care of their bodies and be their best selves. He believes fitness is a primary piece of wellness, and that physical fitness extends across every area of your life. He helps people learn how to move correctly, what their bodies are capable of, and ultimately supports his clients in achieving their wellness goals. 

Resistance Training Series

This is the third installment of the 4-part series on why you should be doing resistance training. In this article, we talk about how resistance training helps balance and stabilize energy. Your energy throughout the day is affected by a large multitude of factors, but mostly it is affected by what and when you eat, how well your body uses and produces energy (metabolism), and endorphin release.

Increase & Stabilize Energy

In the previous article, The Details on Metabolism and Resistance Training, we talked about what metabolism is and how you increase it. Metabolism is how your body uses the energy it takes in. It doesn’t matter how much you eat if your body doesn’t use the material. If you resistance train and increase your metabolism, your body will utilize more of the food you consume, increasing the energy provided during the day. Increasing the amount of food you eat without resistance training will ultimately not increase energy during the day. Instead it just adds more fat to the body and causes you more fatigue with extra weight during the day. With resistance training and proper nutrition, your body loses fat and gains muscle. This causes your energy balance to improve and stabilize.

Endorphins & Resistance Training

Additionally, resistance training has been shown to increase endorphin responses in the body. Endorphins help regulate mood, anxiety, and stress levels. With resistance training the body elicits an endorphin release, these releases overtime can help reduce stress levels. Also, muscle is sensitive to hormone and neurotransmitter levels, and so more muscle in the body increases the response to endorphins. As we resistance train and lose weight and gain muscles, these spikes in endorphin release will be more acute and build through the body. This increase will dramatically improve mood, energy during the day (meaning no more crashing) and increase utilization of energy.

More utilization of food energy and higher endorphin release means you have a dramatic shift in energy. Your body will be humming along all day with the energy provided by a healthy diet, a better outlook, and stronger physique. The best part is that it stays with you, this is not a temporary change but a lasting one, which makes it even easier to push more thus gaining more benefits!

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